What Responsibility Does a Trucking Company Have to Keep a Truck Driver Safe?

When a trucking company sends a driver out with cargo, they must do everything they can to keep the driver safe on his or her travels. While there are certain negligent actions the truck driver may do on their own accord, it’s up to the trucking company to do what is in their control to protect drivers.

This is especially true when the trucking company owns the truck and trailer, as well as when they are responsible for loading the cargo. Here are just a few of the things that the trucking company can do to safeguard drivers before each route.

Proper Maintenance of Vehicles and Equipment

All trucks, trailers, and equipment must be properly maintained to ensure problems are addressed before the truck leaves the warehouse. This includes checking the following:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Engine
  • Steering system
  • Hitches
  • Axles
  • Oil

If the truck is expected to carry the maximum allowable weight, the trailer should be checked to ensure there are no problems. Any issues that the trucking company finds must be fixed before the truck drivers takes the vehicle out of the warehouse for the trip.

Following Industry Regulations

The trucking industry is governed by numerous regulations that are designed to keep drivers on the road safe. This includes Hours of Service regulations, weight restrictions, and other requirements that trucking companies and drivers must meet.

Failure to adhere to these regulations can create catastrophic dangers for all those on the road, including fatigued driving, uneven cargo loads, and product failure on the truck. These can lead to significant injuries and the trucking company may be held accountable if they contributed to the cause of the accident.

At Kolker Law Firm, we take these cases seriously because we recognize the long-term damage that truck accidents often create for those injured. We work hard to help victims pursue compensation in a time when they need it most.

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