Moving Forward with the Mental Anguish After a Wrongful Death

In some situations, the mental anguish and pain and suffering experienced is often worse than physical harm. In terms of a wrongful death, the grief and mental anguish stemming from the loss of a loved one can seem insurmountable and impossible to overcome.

While there is nothing that can be done to change what has been done, you should know that you can have closer. A lot of the time, closure in wrongful death claims comes from knowing the person responsible for your loved one’s fatal injuries is being held fully accountable.

You may be dealing with the grief and while it may not make it better, you should know that you may be eligible to pursue compensation for the mental anguish you’re enduring. However, it can be capped as part of Missouri’s statute involving wrongful deaths.

How Is Compensation Determined?

Non-economic damages cover those that do not have a monetary value attached to them. For instance, Missouri’s wrongful death statute allows claimants to pursue compensation for lost comfort, consortium, companionships, guidance, counsel, support, and more.

With the loss of a loved one comes specific adjustments the family must make, as well as the potential lost enjoyment in life. This makes it imperative to pursue compensation for the damages associated with pain and suffering.

The state caps these damages at $350,000 when the cause of the wrongful death is medical malpractice. This number is adjusted each year based on the value of inflation. The money doesn’t remedy the loss of a loved one, but it can help with the ongoing expenses and mental anguish from which the family members may suffer.

Our Missouri wrongful death lawyers at Kolker Law Firm want to help you move forward after this difficult time. You deserve justice. You deserve to hold the negligent party accountable. You deserve dedicated representation with your rights in mind.

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