Should You Hire an Attorney Following an Accident?

man when neck pain stepping out of a crashed vehicle

When You Should Hire an Attorney

Car accidents can be scary for new and experienced motorists and result in severe physical and mental damages. While it may seem easiest to just handle all fender benders between the motorists and insurance companies, hiring an attorney can help make it a smoother claims process.

Not every accident needs to be settled with the help of an attorney, but here are some instances in which it would be your best bet to have one on your side:

  • Accident resulting in any kind of injury.
  • Vehicle has significant damage or is totaled.
  • The crash caused other kinds of property damage (guardrails, signs, buildings, etc.).
  • Disputes with the other motorist’s or your insurance company.
  • Loss of life.

In these instances, Missouri may also require that a crash report be filed so there is a written record of this incident. You can obtain one with a police officer on the scene of your crash or through the Missouri State Highway Patrol website. You may also be advised to keep a copy of this and the police report so that it can be used as evidence for your insurance claim or legal action.

Ultimately, hiring an attorney after an accident serves only to protect you from bad faith insurance claims or other negligent practices that may have occurred. They will help you determine the appropriate compensation for your damages and help secure the best overall outcome.

Hire the Missouri Car Accident Firm

Kolker Law Firm has a reputation in St. Louis for securing millions of dollars in damages for clients and providing aggressive representation for a variety of personal injury cases. If you or a loved one sustained an injury or died in a motor vehicle crash, contact our team today. You can schedule a consultation by calling (314) 684-8285 or visiting our website.

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