GM Recalls Millions of Vehicles

Faulty Ignition Switches Result in Crashes and Fatalities

In July 2014, General Motors Co. made a recall of millions of cars due to numerous injuries and deaths caused by suspected auto defects. This may have been averted if they had taken heed of warnings sent to the auto manufacturer by car rental companies, consumers, and other parties several years ago.

Automaker Ignored Early Warning Signs

Faulty ignitions switches appear to have been the reason behind a string of accidents. These facts were revealed to the public thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. Correspondences between GM and the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that dated back to 2005 revealed a connection between more than two-dozen crashes. In each accident, the automobile stalled and the air bags failed to deploy. One traumatic case involved an incident that happened in Texas in March of 2005. The accident occurred when a Saturn Ion crashed in a rural area killing the driver and passenger and severely injured another individual, giving them brain damage.

Though cases such as these were reported to GM, the car manufacturer appeared to take no action for nearly a decade to correct the problem. To date, GM has recalled over 16 million cars with faulty ignition switches, almost 10 million more cars than GM sold in 2013 alone.

Our Missouri Injury Lawyers Can Seek Justice for You

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