Steps Injured Parties Should Take After a Car Accident In St. Louis

Individuals face a lot of different concerns and obstacles following an accident. Unfortunately, it can be very daunting, making it easy for individuals to make mistakes in the process and potentially limiting their legal ability to seek justice and compensation.

Perhaps you are unsure of what fault may be in the accident and you apologize to the other party. Maybe you tell the other person that you could not see them coming. These statements can be damaging to your claim as the opposing insurance company may consider it an admission of guilt.

Because there are some things that can be said or done after an accident that gives the insurance company ammo to limit their own policyholder’s liability, it’s important to know what steps can help protect your rights. Here are some things that you should do after an accident.

Exchanging the Proper Information with the Other Party

No matter if you feel that you were the one at fault, you should never admit to it. Instead, just exchange the proper information with the other party involved in the crash. This means getting contact information, insurance information, and driver’s license information.

Having this information can ensure you’re giving your insurance company everything they need to help pursue the situation. Don’t leave out any information on your end, either, as you don’t want to the other side assuming you’re hiding something.

Taking Pictures Can Help Your Case

One of the things you want to ensure you’re doing is taking the proper pictures to give a stronger idea of the circumstances involved in the crash. There are different things you want to take pictures of immediately following the accident if you can. These include the following:

  • The scene of the accident can show some important factors such as missing traffic signs, pot holes, or tire marks from strong braking.
  • The damage to both vehicles may be used by accident reconstructionists to show who may have been at fault for the accident.
  • The visible injuries you sustained are important to show because it helps prove that the accident directly resulted in your injuries.

If you are unable to take the pictures on your own, be sure to ask someone you know or a witness to help you. These pictures can go a long way in helping you reach a successful case result.

Get Medical Attention

You want to act quickly when seeking medical attention for a number of reasons. First, you can work on getting the treatment you need and second, you can also get a medical record that shows your injuries are present, as well as what may have caused the injury.

You may not recognize that there is an injury there as some pain may not develop until hours or days after the accident occurs.

Call a Lawyer for Legal Representation

Often, after an accident, you’re going to go through some difficulties when the other party is responsible and their insurance company either refuses to pay out for the claim, or if they try to devalue your injuries. Having a lawyer on your side can help combat this.

An attorney can guide you through the process in a manner that’s focused on protecting your rights and helping you understand what’s coming next. This includes talking to the insurance company on your behalf.

At Kolker Law Firm, our St. Louis car accident lawyers are committed to you and your rights, helping you seek the outcome you need. This is a stressful and daunting time, full of emotional, financial, and physical hardships which you were not expecting.

We work hard to help you seek compensation and justice. You deserve to have someone on your side to give you peace of mind and confidence throughout the entire process.

Call our firm today at (314) 684-8285 and discover your potential rights and options. If you’re injured in a car accident caused by negligence, we’re here for you.

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