Which Occupations are the Most Dangerous?

Nearly every day, millions of people wake up and head to work expecting what they believe to be a normal day. It’s not a normal thought to be concerned about a potential accident occurring in the workplace that puts workers at risk of serious injuries.

Unfortunately, for some occupations, dangers are just a part of the job. Understanding which occupations are most dangerous can help workers recognize the importance of safety when they are in the industry. Here are just a few of the jobs where dangers are present.

Construction Workers

Unfortunately, any time a person is on a construction worksite, there are a number of hazards that are present. From those working on high scaffoldings to those on the ground, individuals face dangers, especially when safety is put to the side in favor of time and profit.

Some of the most common construction site accidents include:

  • Workers falling from high areas due to lack of harnesses
  • Objects falling and hitting individuals on the ground
  • Head injuries from lack of hard hats and other safety gear
  • Caught in-between accidents from machinery and heavy equipment striking individuals
  • Trip and falls due to unsecured items on the ground or lack of warnings

Agricultural Workers

Those in the agriculture industry work with a number of heavy pieces of equipment. They’re also prone to repetitive movements which can lead to muscle strain. However, it’s most often issues regarding tractor accidents, back hoe problems, and other farming equipment malfunctions which can cause serious issues.

Industrial Workers

Those who work in plants and other industrial workplaces are at serious risk because of the number of hazards around them. They have to deal with the possibility of chemicals, electrical issues, and heavy machinery, all of which that have the potential to cause long-term injuries.

It’s important for employers and companies to ensure that they’re employees are safe from harm and proper safety measures are in place. Failure to do so could be disastrous. At Kolker Law Firm, we aim to help workers who have suffered injuries in the workplace.

Our Missouri work injury attorneys are committed to your rights as a worker. You should be able to work in a safe environment with proper guidelines to ensure your safety. When safety is overlooked, we work hard to hold the negligent party accountable.

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