Why Would a Truck Driver or Company Violate Hours of Service Regulations?

When it comes to the trucking industry, following certain regulations is not just a matter of the law, it is imperative in order to keep others on the road safe. One of the most important trucking industry regulations involves the Hours of Service, which dictates how long a driver can operate his or her truck, and how long breaks must be.

However, violations are not uncommon, and there are numerous factors that come into play when understanding why the truck driver or company may violate these Hours of Service regulations. Here are some of the reasons this may happen, and what individuals can do if they’re injured as a result.

Meeting Specific Deadlines

When a trucking company takes on a job to deliver cargo, they often set specific deadlines in which they can complete the job. However, one of the most important things to know if that the faster the delivery is made, the more jobs the company can take on, and the more they can profit.

Trying to meet these deadlines can mean that trucking companies encourage the driver to go beyond the Hours of Service regulations to get the delivery to its destination on time and get the driver back to deliver more.

Rushing to Get Home

Truck drivers spend countless hours away from home at a time and it often makes it difficult for them. It gives them an incentive to get home as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this could mean not taking the necessary break periods or driving longer than they should.

When a truck driver violates the Hours of Service regulations, though, it can cause significant damages to others on the road. Violations of the Hours of Service regulations increases the risk of drowsy driving accidents occurring.

At Kolker Law Firm, we recognize the serious dangers and risks involved with the trucking industry. When any of these regulations are violated, those in smaller passenger vehicles may suffer catastrophic injuries due to the size of the large commercial truck.

If you have suffered serious injuries due to the negligence of someone in the trucking industry, our Missouri truck accident lawyers are here to help you. We can work with you to determine what rights you may have, what regulations may have been violated, and how you can move forward with legal action.

Discover your rights with our team. Contact us at (314) 684-8285 today.

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