Who Can Be Sued After a Trucking Accident?

The injuries sustained as a result of a trucking accident can be catastrophic, and the medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs can quickly escalate. Because of this, legal action may be a necessary action when negligence is involved to pursue compensation for the damages suffered.

As a victim of a trucking accident, you should recognize the potential parties who may be held accountable for the crash. This can give you an idea of who you may sue for the justice and compensation you deserve for the negligence involved.

The Owner of the Truck

It is the responsibility of the owner of the truck to ensure that their vehicle is properly maintained and free of any potential dangers. Failure to do so puts the driver and others on the road at a significant risk of serious harm. If the truck owner doesn’t take action to care for their truck(s), they may be responsible for the injuries sustained.

The Owner of the Trucking Company

If the truck involved in a crash is part of a larger fleet or company, there are situations that could make the owner of that company liable for a crash. For instance, if the owner encourages the driver to reach certain deadlines and push past the Hours of Service regulations, and a tired driver crashes, the owner of the trucking company can be held accountable.

The Truck Driver

There are certain actions that a truck driver must ensure they are doing—and other things that would be considered illegal. They should be checking their truck and trailer to ensure that everything is safe. They shouldn’t be operating their vehicle longer than allowed or driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Truck drivers can be responsible if they act in a negligent manner when they cause the crash.

The Employee Responsible for Loading the Truck

Overloaded and unevenly loaded trucks can be dangerous on the road. Those who are responsible for loading the truck must ensure they meet the maximum weight limits and don’t have any one side heavier than another. If their oversight results in a crash, the employee can be responsible for a crash and subsequent injury.

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