Common Thanksgiving Injuries

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Thanksgiving is so dangerous because many people are traveling and engaging in activities that require you to be outside. It is essential to recognize that even minor crashes or falls can be traumatic. If you have been injured around Thanksgiving, know you can get the help you need. Here are the most common Thanksgiving in-juries that can result from driving, traveling, or engaging in activities.

Traffic Crashes

Many people will be driving or taking road trips to be with family for Thanksgiving. If you are driving, then be sure to increase your awareness to help avoid being involved in a car crash. Don’t drink and drive, call a taxi, or use public transportation if you are too intoxicated to drive safely.

Cooking Injuries

Cooking accidents are another common Thanksgiving injury. When you are using sharp knives, be sure to keep an eye on them to make sure you are not in the danger zone. The same goes for cooking in an electric stove or oven. Most injuries can be prevented if you are careful and pay attention.

Outdoor Injuries

A backyard game of football is a fun tradition many families participate in on Thanksgiving. While it is exciting, be sure to play safely. Stretch beforehand and afterward to prevent strained muscles, and don’t participate if you are elderly, prone to injuries, or already recovering from an injury.

Where to Turn if You’re Injured this Thanksgiving

Regardless of how simple or complex your case may be, we can help you fight for a fair amount of compensation. While some people believe their insurance company will treat them fairly, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer before accepting any settlement.

Many insurance companies are solely concerned with their bottom line. Let our team of St. Louis personal injury attorneys deal with your insurance company and fight to resolve your case successfully!

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