Holiday Driving Safety

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The holidays are a time of joy and festivities where many of us have opportunities to visit with our loved ones. However, with everyone desiring to spend these special occasions with family, the highways get far more congested over this period of time.

Crashes up 67%

In 2018, there were 45,000 auto accidents during the Christmas holiday, a 67 percent increase over 2004. Those accidents resulted in 185 deaths, 4,500 injuries, and 715,000 property damage claims, the highest of the year.

In 2019, the number of auto accidents was 44,000, with a 68 percent increase in deaths and a 30 percent increase in injuries.

Why the increase?

The change in the total number of licensed drivers was not statistically significant, suggesting that the increase was due to increased traveling. In 2018, 33 percent of all drivers reported drinking alcohol, the highest percentage in the last five years. That percentage has declined significantly, but it is higher than it was in 2014.

Traffic congestion

Part of the problem may be that we are heading out to be with our loved ones. We can get out and see more of our loved ones. This means more traffic, more congestion, and more crashes.

It is human nature to look for shortcuts. When traffic gets heavy, our natural response is to speed up or move to the right lane. But with increased traffic, the feeling of needing to change lanes frequently causes a greater risk of accidents. It is also very common to see a driver who uses the right lane instead of the left lane. While this is not illegal, it increases the risk of drivers hitting each other or being hit from behind.

Safety at Christmas Parties

We often want to stay with family, go to a party, or head to a special destination. The key to safety is to plan for different ways to get to and from your destination. If you want to drink alcohol, take a cab or an Uber, or ensure you have a designated driver to take you back home. If none of these are possibilities, then you should stay sober for the evening.

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